All About Republic Day India 26 January 2019

Republic Day India 2019: It was the day when the constitution of India came into effect.The day was 26 January 1950.That's why Republic day in India is celebrated on 26 January.Republic Day is on substantial national occasions in India. Celebrated on 26th January annually, Republic Day marks a serious incident in the history of the nation. It had been on this afternoon in 1950 that the Indian Constitution came into effect, declaring that the nation a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. The first decision taken by the Lahore Session of the Indian National Congress was on respect 26th January since the Independence Day of India. The state attained its independence on August 15th and that the day was known as that the official Independence Day of India.Check our Republic Day Images collection.

Republic Day 26 January India
It was determined that 26th January will be given its due importance and it became that the Republic Day of India. Republic Day is celebrated with aplomb through the country. Even the grand celebrations in that the capital, New Delhi, eclipses all others. The speech by the President of India begins the ceremony. Throughout that the inaugural speech, that the President pays tribute to that the Indians who forfeited their lives to free their nation from foreign rule. He introduces the awards to the courageous soldiers belonging to the various wings in that the armed forces of India. Civilians will also be rewarded for their acts of courage and courage.

The Republic Day Parade takes off the Rajpath, among the major roads of Delhi. The various displays comprising that the Army, that the Navy and that the Air Force of India showcase that the advancement of contemporary technology and its utilization in boosting the security of the nation. The weapons, tanks, aircrafts, submarines, are exhibited in this parade. Even the Republic Day Parade also reflects that the core concept that the country represents, Unity in Diversity'. The floats out of the states of India are the significant attractions of the parade.